What Has Xpore Achieved on Sustainability and Safety as a Bluesign System Partner?


In 2021, Xpore has been recognized as a bluesign® system partner. Bluesign is a sustainability and safety standard of the textile and similar industries with stringent criteria. What has Xpore done?


Let’s have a glimpse on the focuses of the bluesign® SYSTEM: People, Environment, and Resource.

As a pioneer in nanoporous membrane technology, and following the steps of its root BenQ Materials Corp., Xpore never stops in pursuing sustainability and social responsibility.

Xpore cares for both workers and consumers. We standardized and systemized our factory and working environment according to ISO 9001, the quality management system that is widely used in electrical and electronic industry. Various protection measures are implemented to ensure the safety of all. Furthermore, our products are 100% PFC-free and solvent-free, non-toxic and human friendly.

For sustainability and responsibility, all of Xpore’s manufacturing processes strictly follow the environmental standards, and no air pollutants or wastewater are produced. Our factory was designed to be a “Green Ecological Restoration Park” that is friendly for bees and endangered tree frogs. We also generate solar energy by ourselves to reduce the CO2 emissions.


To minimize the waste of resources, Xpore has significantly reduced electricity consumption, and is dedicated to waste recycling and disposal.


Xpore ensures that the whole manufacturing process of textiles and finished products comply with the EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) compliance.

As a sustainable waterproof-breathable textile total solutions provider, we’re glad to provide sustainability-conscious adventurers with all-weather protection to explore the world in comfort.