Our Commitment 

Let Xpore Become Your Top Gear in the Race to Zero.


Xpore never stops in pursuing sustainability and environmental protection. That’s why Xpore only develops innovative fabric technologies with high performance and sustainable value. To minimize the impact to the earth, we make commitments to our earth and environment:


  1. Reduce Carbon Footprint:

We decrease 50% of carbon dioxide emissions per yard every year.


Reduce Resource Waste:

By 2024, Xpore is committed to using fabrics made of 100% recycled material, providing eco-friendly waterproof breathable textile solutions to the market.

Sustainable Manufacturing Process

Eco-sustainability is Xpore’s religion and mission.



Xpore believes that it’s not necessary to sacrifice the environment or harm the planet during any production.


From polymer extrusion, membrane extension, adhesive production, to textile lamination and the final product - eco-garment, all steps follow the environmental standards strictly. We also ensure that the whole manufacturing process is PFC-free and solvent free.

We believe a good product should find the perfect balance between external beauty (appearance and trend) and inner beauty (performance and sustainability).


After all, there’s only one earth left, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to save this beautiful planet from certain death.


Xpore has been doing it since the very first day, how about you?