Xpore Sets New Industry Standards For Sustainability With Pioneering Disclosure Of Higg MSI Score For New Products

Product / 2023.03.27

The Higg MSI rating system is set to revolutionize sustainability in the supply chain, with Xpore‘s new product leading the way in score disclosure! In recent years, the world has become increasingly concerned with environmental protection and sustainable development, and all industries are actively considering how to improve their own sustainability performance. In this context, the introduction of the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) will become an important tool for evaluating product and supply chain sustainability, and will bring about a global sustainability revolution.


The Higg Materials Sustainability Index is a comprehensive indicator that evaluates the sustainability of product materials based on a life cycle assessment (LCA), calculating the environmental impact of materials and incorporating five impact indicators: global warming, water scarcity, eutrophication, chemistry, and fossil fuel depletion. The system calculates a single score that can assess the energy and water resource usage, greenhouse gas emissions, pollutant emissions, and other aspects of materials, enabling retailers and manufacturers to compare the environmental data of various materials and select more sustainable ones. This rating system not only helps manufacturers understand the environmental impact of their product materials, but also assists consumers in choosing more sustainable products, further promoting the sustainable development of the entire industry.


Xpore, as a brand that focuses on innovative technology and environmental sustainability, has always been committed to improving the sustainability performance of our products. In this Higg MSI assessment, Xpore was the pioneer in the industry to achieve new product score disclosure. This disclosure also proves that Xpore‘s products not only use eco-friendly materials but also have the characteristic of high efficiency and energy saving, greatly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and making a positive contribution to global sustainable development.


Xpore not only embodies the brand‘s commitment to sustainablility but also brought about by the combination of technology and environmental protection. Xpore believes that in the future, more and more brands will explore sustainable development, and let us work together to protect the beautiful future of the earth.


If you would like to learn more about Xpore‘s sustainability performance in terms of product design and supply chain Higg MSI Score, please click here: Awards-Xpore-Eco-Sustainable Waterproof-Breathable Textile Technology (

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