Xpore Technology

Xpore is the materials technology that transforms ordinary textiles into high-performance and eco-friendly fabrics.

Excellent Performance with Minimized Environmental Impacts

All-round Performance

Applied to different fabrics, Xpore technology delivers impeccable performance where it counts.


At the heart of our technology is a layer of the unique ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion nanopores on every square inch. These are no ordinary nanopores: they’re 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, so they perfectly block rain and wind, but are large enough for perspiration to pass through. Nanopores that truly breathe keep you dry and comfortable, enhancing endurance when you’re on the move.


All-green Footprint

Sustainable products begin with using the right inputs and processes. All our materials and manufacturing processes are non-toxic — from our proprietary membrane to adhesive and lamination technologies — they’re free of PFCs and solvents. Our manufacturing facilities follow strict water management and recycling procedures. We take all these steps to help minimize the supply chain’s environmental impact.

All-fabric Customization

Our integrated performance & eco-friendly technologies open a world of possibilities for customized solutions. Xpore can be paired with any fabric, including natural fibers like cotton and wool as well as special materials such as leather and denim. From membrane creation, lamination and textile manufacturing to quality control, our proprietary processes complement our clients’ design and branding requirements every step of the way.