Clothes Care


Functional Clothing Care Instructions


  • Detergent : We recommend using a neutral liquid detergent or a detergent for functional clothing. Do not use fabric softeners, cold cleaning agents or bleach.
  • Machine wash : Close all zippers and Velcro. Put clothes into a mesh laundry bag. Select a low temperature and gentle wash mode. Wash separately.
  • Hand wash : No need to soak. Wash on low setting (below 30°C). Do not twist or wring.

※Do not dry clean.

  • Drying : Dry in a mesh laundry bag at low speed. Line dry in shade or tumble dry at low temperature (below 40°C). Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


  • Zipper use : Xpore uses a professional-grade waterproof zipper with a full-structure waterproof coating. To maintain its waterproofing capability, right-angle pulling is recommended.
  • Cleaning frequency : For daily maintenance, brush lightly with a soft brush. A more thorough wash before storage is recommended only at the end of a season so as to prolong the product’s performance quality.
  • Ironing : Iron on low temperature (below 100°C) on padded cloth.
  • Restoring water repellency : Water repellency of the outer fabric will degrade with repeated washing, but water-repellent agents can help with restoration. After spraying the outer fabric evenly, line dry in shade or tumble dry at low temperature (below 40°C) for 15-20 minutes.

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