Sustainable Waterproof Breathable Textile Solutions

From Waste to Fashion

Xpore’s Pineapple Leave Waste Textile Solution

Xpore : Eco-friendly Textile Solutions

Xpore never stops in pursuing sustainability and environmental protection.



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Why is Xpore More Eco-friendly

Why is Xpore More Eco-friendly?

What Do ePTFE, PU, and Xpore Membrane Release to Air?

Greener Manufacturing Solutions

Greener manufacturing solutions with a fabric introduction

Rigorous Testings for High Quality

Breathability Test : Xpore vs. Other Brands

Xpore conducted a Fabric Breathability Test using a temperature-difference method to simulate the heat released from the human body.

Xpore offers the best of both worlds

waterproof-breathability and eco-friendliness

Peel Strength Testing

Waterproof textiles are manufactured by laminating fabrics and membranes together. Low peel strength means it’s easier for the fabric and membrane to get peeled off during washing or while doing extreme sports.

Air Permeability Testing

Air permeability is what makes functional textiles a cut above the rest. It affects the textile's windproof capability, water vapor penetration, and capacity to retain warmth. It’s a trade-off measurement between air permeability and windproof capability.

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High-performance Garments Made of Xpore

Xpore x Corning

The Corning jacket is a prime example that showcases Xpore’s signature attributes for high-performance and eco-friendly consumer outfits.

Xpore x China Airlines

World's first in-flight protective apparel

Events and Exhibitions

Xpore Unveiled at TAIPEI FASHION WEEK SS22

See you online at Performance Days 2021

Xpore is participating in the online Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair on May 17-21. We look forward to seeing you online.


Xpore : product introductions

Taiwan Excellence Functional Fabric

Online Press Conference