“Your Top Gear in the Race to Zero” Xpore Launches Online Fabric Show on Jan. 17th

Exhibition / 2022.01.05

Although the coronavirus caused many hardships, it hasn’t stopped Xpore’s innovative mind. At the beginning of this year, Xpore will present its eco-friendly waterproof breathable textile solutions in a brand new way. The Xpore Fabric Show has been launched on its website on January 17th, including textile and garment exhibition, videos, the most updated catalogue and sustainability white paper will be released as well.


“We fully believe that ‘net zero emissions in the textile industry’ is not just a slogan but an achievable future, and we’d like to be the client’s best help in their pursuit of sustainability. That’s why we position ourselves as ‘Your Top Gear in the Race to Zero’, as well as release our first Sustainability White Paper to highlight the importance and value of earth and environmental protection.” said Z.C. Chen, the Chairman of BenQ Materials.


More than 20 textiles have been selected to be exhibited during the Xpore Fabric Show through pictures and dynamic videos. This includes shots of the textiles blowing in the wind, falling and wrapped around spheres, providing visitors with a unique experience, in order to enable visitors to “touch” the fabrics through their eyes.


Curious about the new selections of Xpore’s sustainable textile solutions or the story of the birth of textiles made of pineapple leaf fibers? The video showroom will satisfy your needs.


Aside from the introduction of fabrics, there will be also an exhibition of eco-garments manufactured by clients, including ski jackets from Picture and Black Crows, a mountain jacket from METROASIS, and an urban jacket from Weavism. Visitors will also be able to find Xpore’s Catalogue 2022 and see how far Xpore has gone in the unpredictable last year.


At the end of 2021, Xpore won many international awards, such as the 100% Jury Like by Performance Forum, the Top 10 by ISPO Textrends Award, and the Taiwan Excellence Award. These are all recognitions of Xpore’s efforts in innovation and sustainability.


Don’t miss the show and the opportunity for one-on-one online meetings from January 17th to 19th with Xpore representatives.


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