High-Performance Eco-friendly Textile Technology, Xpore, Wins Performance Award April 2020

Exhibition /2020.05.06

BenQ Materials’ Xpore won the Performance Award April 2020 at the Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair, the premier event for innovative textile technologies. This follows on the heels of Xpore being selected in the ISPO Textrends Top 10 in January 2020.

Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair is a leading trade show for the performance textile industry. Normally held in Munich, Germany, the show was held online this year due to the global pandemic. A panel of judges deliberate and select the most innovative, sustainable and functional fabrics to win the Performance Award, which is one of the top two awards at the fair.

Xpore is a break-through textile technology that offers waterproof, breathable, and eco-friendly solutions. Xpore’s nano-porous membrane has high waterproof and breathability qualities, while its eco-friendly credentials are built on in-house R&D and manufacturing that uses PFC-free materials and solvent-free processes. Fabrics that incorporate Xpore’s technology allow wearers an unparalleled level of comfort during extreme physical activities and does so by minimizing the overall environmental footprint.

Xpore OD677, the textile that won the Performance Award April 2020, is produced with recycled polyester. Ideal for extreme sports applications, the fabric is extremely light (86 g/m2) with excellent waterproof-breathable capabilities (water resistance: 18,000mm; breathability: 10,000g/m2/24h). Selected from over 1,000 fabric contenders, Xpore OD677 won the Performance Award for its exceptional combination of sustainability and high performance.

Other Xpore textiles were also recognized: in the NOVELTY category, four Xpore fabrics (OD443, OD600, OD654, OD665) and OD688 in the OUTER MIDLAYER category.

Xpore is committed to providing brand customers and designers with more options to create products that are innovative and sustainable in the functional clothing industry.


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