PYKRS ignites your adventurous spirit by providing mobility solutions. We believe movement is the origin of adventure and progress. That's why we create outdoor apparel with a technological base; to provide connected, safe yet exciting journeys no matter your destination.

PYKRS and Xpore have been partners since the conception of our first product, the PYKRS connected jacket. We share common values such as high quality, excellence in everything we do and continuous innovation.

Juan Roca Arderiu (Founder of PYKRS)


Outdoor equipment for a lifetime adventure. A unique combination of technology and sustainability. (PYKRS)

PYKRS is the spark of your next adventure. We serve those adventurers who not only seek new challenges, but who themselves are carriers of new experiences.

Founders' Interview (Part I.) - PYKRS Outdoor Gear

Discover the PYKRS brand through the eyes of its founders. An interview with interesting questions and anecdotes. Learn more about the PYKRS connected jacket on this video.

PYKRS Jacket Interior

Check what you can store and keep safe from the elements inside your PYKRS Jacket. It's smarter than you think!

2022 AW

Connected Sustainable Jacket

The PYKRS Jacket has been developed with highly performing yet sustainable materials that are coupled with cutting edge technology such as flexible light panels, highly efficient heating panels, state-of-the-art electronics and a user friendly app. The result is a smart jacket ahead of its time, whose main goal is to provide convenience, safety and excitement to all your adventures.

Tired of wearing always the same? PYKRS is your new connected jacket. Includes app control, fall detection, lighting, and heating system. Ready to #IgniteAdventure?
Afraid of skiing? Fear no more with PYKRS. We provide all the convenience and safety for an exciting journey of ski. If you fall and get hurt, we will warn a list of selected SOS emergency contacts!
Afraid of the dark? With PYKRS ride back home with total safety and style thanks to its light and heat panels, that provide both comfort and visibility. Do more and worry less!
Not sure if PYKRS is the right choice for you? PYKRS provides a 100% recycled technical jacket made with cutting-edge materials such as the waterproof (20k mm H2O), windproof and breathable Xpore OD678 fabric. (PYKRS)
Ever wondered why smart apparel does not exist? Wonder no more. With PYKRS all your apparel is configurable with an easy-to-use app where you can control features like fall detection, heating and lighting. Are you ready for your next Adventure?
Ok, PYKRS is a tech jacket, but is it any good? The PYKRS jacket comes with more than 25+ design features, sufficient to compete with any high-end ski jacket. We include numerous hand-warming pockets, waterproof zippers, trims like hooks, gaiters and much
Do you live in the past? At PYKRS we believe movement and innovation are the foundation of progress. Our jacket has been developed to move you forward by providing protection, comfort, and excitement!
And after an exciting journey, it’s time to sit and relax. Our PYKRS jacket will warm you up anytime, anywhere. And oh! if you feel you don’t need our tech for a sec, don’t worry, you can wear the jacket without any technology on it, thanks to our detacha

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