A new sports brand built on the concept of the urban city. Changing the previous image of jogging and giving a new meaning to running wear.
Freezone includes compression pants, performance sports underwear, performance jackets, and leggings that can be worn on the go. Not only for running, but also for wearing on many different occasions.

Xpore is a waterproof and breathable fabric brand from BenQ Materials. It is waterproof, breathable and anti-microbial, and is suitable for Freezone’s performance jackets.

Chuang Ching-Feng (General Manager of BOURTEX)

2021 SS

Freezone x Xpore High-performance Anti-bacterial Protective Jacket

For pandemic prevention, combining the two major needs of health protection and sport wear, Freezone and Xpore have together created an environmental-friendly, breathable and anti-bacterial protective performance jacket. The product is waterproof, breathable, anti-droplet, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is also available in a wide range of colors, providing not only safety and protection, but also fashion.

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