Founded in 1993, Danee Silk Co., Ltd. has 40 directly-operated stores throughout Taiwan and are dedicated to the advanced development and fashion design of silk fabrics. Danee has expanded their products to children's wear, accessories, and bedding, and has broken the impression that silk is only used for quilts and underwear. In recent years, Danee has also ventured into the field of biotechnology, launching our own small molecule peptide care products, creating a new value for silk.

Xpore's breathable, waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-dust, and anti-mite fabric characteristics can give greater effect such absorption of perspiration and moisture in authentic silk, anti-bacteria and odor, and warm in the winter and cool in the summer to the skin's surface.

Danee Silk Co., Ltd.


Outdoor Light Waterproof Silk Jacket, Urban Camouflage Waterproof Silk jacket

The 100% pure silk combined with Xpore waterproof and breathable technology allows commuters with sensitive skin or outdoor athletes who have to cope with changing weather to have a windproof jacket with both skin-friendly comfort and functionality and enjoy a dry and non-stuffy wearing experience all day long.

Silk x Xpore five features: skin-friendly, breathability, waterproof, lightweight, non-toxic
The perfect combination of function and life style, to create a fashionable urban men and women's boutique sportswear. (Danee Silk)
Quickly dissipates heat and sweat to maintain a comfortable temperature on the body surface
Whether it's commuting in city or hiking, you can quickly adapt to weather changes.
Skin-friendly 100% authentic silk fabric combined with the world's most ideal microporous waterproof and breathable membrane create the ultimate lightweight, all-weather silk casual performance jacket.

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