China Airlines

Established in 1959, China Airlines is currently one of the major airlines and also a listed company in Taiwan. In 2020, it was the 34th largest passenger airline in the world calculated by revenue passenger kilometers (RPK). China Airlines was also the first Taiwanese airline that joined global airline alliance SkyTeam. The headquarters of China Airlines is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


Xpore x China Airlines:World's first in-flight protective apparel

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted air travel, with passengers required to be fully protected and some going as far as wearing hazmat-type suits to take a flight.

2020 AW

Xpore Travel Fashion Shield

Inspired by passenger behaviors, Xpore Travel Fashion Shield, the world's first functional airline protective apparel, focuses on its cutting style, storage and protective functions. This fashionable hoodie provides comprehensive protection, breathability, and comfort, allowing passengers to enjoy their journeys with peace of mind and setting a new trend for safe travels, in style.

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