Bed Master

Bed Master is committed to providing environmentally friendly, healthy, natural, organic and comfortable mattresses. We insist on not using waste cotton and carefully select safe, non-toxic, certified raw materials to create exclusive mattresses for consumers. We continue to research and develop innovative mattress technology, and strive to provide better sleep quality.

Leave the mattress to the Bed Master!

Since our establishment, we’ve been upholding the business philosophy of green and environmental protection. Because of our persistence in materials, it was hard to find a partner until we met Xpore!
The high-tech microporous membrane can block 100% of water because the microporous pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, meanwhile large enough to allow sweat and moisture molecules to pass through. Thus, it achieves a high level of performance that is both waterproof and highly breathable. While choosing the most comfortable one, you can also keep the earth free from pollution and pure, so that the earth can also be better.

Kenny Huang (Founder of Bed Master)

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