Xpore’s sustainable waterproof breathable textiles, which are adored by influential international brands, are also widely used in different scenarios such as outdoor exploration, medical and health protection, and urban clothing. Many brands, who have become our loyal customers, not only developed new products made from Xpore textiles but even expanded Xpore’s product lines. Please find selected testimonials as follows:

We tested the Xpore membrane extensively against other leading membranes in the market and found it to match or beat performance on nearly every metric. Coupled with the eco-friendly benefits of its construction, we feel it’s the best membrane available today.

Julien Durant (Co-founder of Picture Organic Clothing)

PYKRS and Xpore have been partners since the conception of our first product, the PYKRS connected jacket. We share common values such as high quality, excellence in everything we do and continuous innovation.

Juan Roca Arderiu (Founder of PYKRS)

Since our establishment, we’ve been upholding the business philosophy of green and environmental protection. Because of our persistence in materials, it was hard to find a partner until we met Xpore!
The high-tech microporous membrane can block 100% of water because the microporous pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, meanwhile large enough to allow sweat and moisture molecules to pass through. Thus, it achieves a high level of performance that is both waterproof and highly breathable. While choosing the most comfortable one, you can also keep the earth free from pollution and pure, so that the earth can also be better.

Kenny Huang (Founder of Bed Master)

The material is waterproof and has excellent breathability, and the nano-microporous is even smaller than bacteria to achieve physical resistance to bacteria.

Jason Chen (General Manager of Bedding World)

Xpore's breathable, waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-dust, and anti-mite fabric characteristics can give greater effect such absorption of perspiration and moisture in authentic silk, anti-bacteria and odor, and warm in the winter and cool in the summer to the skin's surface.

Danee Silk Co., Ltd.

Xpore is a waterproof and breathable fabric brand from BenQ Materials. It is waterproof, breathable and anti-microbial, and is suitable for Freezone’s performance jackets.

Chuang Ching-Feng (General Manager of BOURTEX)

XPORE hundreds of millions microporous solve the stuffy characteristics of waterproof jacket for outdoor sports users. As a man who always goes mountain climbing every now and then on holidays, I am also afraid of the endless uphill climbing while it is raining. Not just the heavy downpour, but my eyes would be full of tears. The real effective microporous ventilation can exchange the body heat and maintain the comfort of walking.

Michael Huang (General Manager of METROASIS)

WEAVISM continues to strive for breakthroughs in the use of sustainable materials, and is pleased to have found a membrane that is highly functional and environmentally friendly at the same time. With our cotton tarpaulin to make the jacket has a special stiffness, and also quite breathable.

Tony Chen (Founder of Weavism)

Zirkulu chose to work with Xpore to combine technical performance and renewable materials to drive innovation in the outdoor industry.

Jack Norman (Co-Founder of Zirkulu)

Open Wear is all about sustainability and quality. This is why we chose Xpore. Two simple requirements that are actually very difficult to realise. Xpore has found a perfect balance in this and we are very happy with the collaboration that we have established.

Timon van Middendorp (Founder of Open Wear)


freebird xpore | women | ski wear 2021-2022 (blackcrows)

Developed specifically for adventure skiing, this jacket meets the high demands of ski touring.

DEMAIN JACKET | XPORE MEMBRANE (Picture Organic Clothing)

A protective, 3-layer shell, featuring the new Xpore nano-porous membrane and bio-sourced polyester, made from sugarcane.

Outdoor equipment for a lifetime adventure. A unique combination of technology and sustainability. (PYKRS)

PYKRS is the spark of your next adventure. We serve those adventurers who not only seek new challenges, but who themselves are carriers of new experiences.

【WEAVISM x Xpore】Testing the Performance of Water Repellency (WEAVISM)

WEAVISM continues to strive for breakthroughs in the use of sustainable materials.