About Xpore

Xpore is a pioneer of technological solutions for the textile industry. Created around the “Adventure for Life” mantra, we’re on a mission to advance high-performance textile solutions in an eco-sustainable way.


Every aspect of our proprietary products and manufacturing processes is built on robust sustainable principles. Our nanoporous membrane, adhesives and lamination technologies are non-toxic and free of PFCs and solvents - a perfect alternative to existing ePTFE and PU-based products.


Our commitment to sustainability defines our engagement with global customers, supply-chain partners, and local communities. We find common ground with all stakeholders to solve shared environmental challenges and reshape conventional practices in the textile industry.


Xpore’s technology can be paired with any fabric. From membrane creation, lamination and textile manufacturing to quality control, we offer both off-the-shelf and tailor-made solutions to fulfill our customers’ design and branding requirements every step of the way.