Xpore Lab

Made Superior. Laboratory Tested

Xpore originated as a simple idea - a materials technology that has it all, high-performance and eco-friendly qualities, no compromises. That idea was brought to life through pioneering research and trials aimed at piercing the limits of conventional membrane technology. And through rigorous testing, we ensure that products made with Xpore technology are superior, safe, and eco-friendly.

Our laboratory testing equipment is state of the art and complies with strict international standards, as per the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation’s (TAF) third-party accreditation.

Xpore implemented multiple stringent tests during the whole manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the products.

Not All Membranes Are Created Equal

Our environmentally friendly credentials have been hard-tested. That’s not always the case with membranes produced by other manufacturers, which usually require chemicals to dissolve polymers. Those very same solvents are a source of air pollution. In lab tests, garments containing PU membranes generate HCN and NH3 toxic gases when burned, while PTFE membranes emit HF, CF4, and C2F6 toxic gases. In contrast, burning fabric containing the Xpore membrane generates only H2O and CO2.

We test for tolerance against extreme weather conditions, including :