Xpore Triumphs: ISPO Textrends AWARD Acknowledges Our Breathable Waterproof Innovation!

Exhibition / 2023.11.30

At the ISPO Textrends Awards in Germany, Xpore clinches dual honors with two distinguished products, with particular attention on the recycled fabric crafted from discarded screen panel electronic waste.


Xpore, the breathable waterproof functional fabric brand, once again stands out at the prestigious ISPO Awards (ISPO Textrends AWARD in Munich, Germany), often referred to as the 'Oscars' in the outdoor/sporting goods industry. The brand proudly secures two awards (Top 10 and Selection) in a single event, receiving high acclaim from the international panel of judges. This recognition underscores Xpore's global acknowledgment in both sustainable development and textile functionality.


In response to the trend of the circular economy, Xpore's fabrics crafted from electronic waste, including discarded electronic screens and recycled clothing, have been honored at the ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2025/26 Awards.

The electronic waste fabric (OD1011-RRC-T2AT2R) and recycled clothing fabric (OD773-RC-XAT2R) respectively receive Top 10 and Selection awards, showcasing Xpore's exceptional performance in sustainable development and textile functionality, as recognized by the international panel at ISPO.


Fabric crafted from electronic waste: Bridging the gap between the electronics and textile industries in cross-industry resource recycling.

Taiwan, one of the world's top three panel manufacturing countries, generates nearly the weight of the Eiffel Tower in waste panels each year. Xpore's intelligent reuse of discarded electronic screen panel waste through the fabric (OD1011-RRC-T2AT2R) demonstrates a commitment to circular resource utilization. This method not only connects the electronics and textile industries but also highlights Xpore's dedication to environmental sustainability through a mono-material structure. This achievement earns Xpore the prestigious ISPO Textrends Awards Top 10 recognition.


Recycled clothing restoration and eco-friendly fabric: Witnessing innovation and sustainability.

The award-winning recycled clothing fabric (OD773-RC-XAT2R) stands out for its dedication to sustainability. This product utilizes recycled materials and innovative eco-friendly dyeing processes, reducing carbon emissions and eliminating wastewater discharge. This true industry innovation not only minimizes environmental impact but also showcases Xpore's commitment to advanced waterproofing technology.


Xpore sets the standard for sustainable textiles, leading the way in predicting market opportunities and advancing the circular economy.

As a leading brand in sustainable breathable waterproof functional fabrics, Xpore's achievements in environmental protection and technological innovation highlight its steadfast commitment to ecological preservation. The success at the ISPO Awards signifies that the brand continues to lead the industry through environmentally conscious practices and outstanding functionality.

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